How to increase your free storage space in Dropbox


If you’re watching this video then you no doubt know about Dropbox. It hit 100 million users in November 2012 and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop.

When you create a free account you’ll have 2GB but you can earn up to 21GB using various techniques. First of all you can get an extra 250MB by completing the get started tips and another 625MB by completing simple tasks by linking to a social accounts for example.

You can also use “Camera Uploads”. For every 500MB uploaded you get a 500MB bonus. You may earn up to 3GB but instead of taking 1.5GB worth of photos you can use this trick : Download this fake image zip file which is basically a 17KB zip file with jpgs in it but the jpgs are bloated so your computer and Dropbox actually reads 5GB worth of photos. Extract the zip file on your SD card in the camera file where are stored all your camera pictures. This should take some time because your tricking the computer in thinking that it’s unzipping 5GB worth of images. Once you unmount your SD card Dropbox will search for these new images and will start syncing them on their servers. Wait for your phone to upload them all through your “camera upload” folder and you’ll end up with 3GB extra space. Don’t worry about upload speeds because this should be quick. Once you’ve got the bonus space you can get rid of the bloated images from your phone.

You can also get a bonus space of 16GB using referrals. Basically you invite specific email addresses or use a unique link to invite people. But what not many people know is that these email addresses don’t need to be confirmed. In other words you can make up any email address and invite them, considering these email addresses aren’t already used for Dropbox. Then you create accounts using those email addresses but be careful not to use the same password as your own account in case the email address is actually used by someone they will be notified that you invited them and they can get the password sent to them. For the extra 500MB for each invite you need to install Dropbox on a computer and it needs to be a different computer each time. If you try to install it on the same computer Dropbox will detect it and the invite will be ineligible so you need to find 32 computers like in a school or a cybercafe and install Dropbox. Usually you won’t have administrator rights but Dropbox has a portable version developed by a german. You can download his portable version here. You can then install dropbox on any computer even without admin rights. Finally if you’re a college student Dropbox has launched a new program called “The Great Space Race“. This program will allow students to win free storage valid for 2 years by linking your university email address and you can dispose of the space that your university has earned so far. The more students sign up the more storage space they will get. By default you will have an extra 3GB, but if your college gets enough points each student can have up to 25GB extra. This program will be ending on December 10th but this deadline can vary depending on which university you are at. With these different techniques I ended up with practically 30 GB. Dropbox is also integrated with various devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and owners can earn 50GB for 2 years.





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